Social media overuse

The days when I oversure social media (in all its shapes and forms like Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) I end up feeling saturated and drained. Itโ€™s like being in a overcrowded room with a mix of people you donโ€™t know, some you kind of know, and a few close friends. Everyone is talking loudly, some are even yelling, and thereโ€™s the occasional name-calling fighting and arguing (myself included many times, wonโ€™t play fool here).

It doesnโ€™t scratch the itch of my daily social need so I end up exhausted but still needing some real face-to-face interaction. Communicating with just written words (without tone and body language) doesnโ€™t even compare to face to face communication which includes both three.

I may be irremediably nostalgic but everyday I miss the times before constant communication and social media apps.

Edit on November 2, 2023: This manifesto expressed very clear what I mean in the last sentence (in part)