What I use to store information and keep track of things

In my constant desire for more simplicity I’d like to reduce the variety of programs and ways all this information is managed. However I don’t want to get too obsessed…

For example: I like to unload my thoughts on whatever I have at hand in the moment such as my journal in Google Docs if I only have my phone. If I left my home without my phone I prefer the physical bullet journal. If I want to write extensively about something I prefer the Docs journal from my PC where I can type very quickly. I prefer this versatility against getting obsessed over using only one medium.

Physical Bullet journal

I like to step away from screens considering my job (web dev) and some of my hobbies (reading mostly in a Kindle, YouTube, videogames…)


I used to keep these in my bullet journal but nowadays I prefer to keep them separately since they are mostly things that I want and need to access/read throughout long periods of time.

Google Drive

Google Calendar

Google Photos (self explanatory)


Sync books to my Kindle and sometimes read from my personal desktop PC