Caffeine capsules

While reading, I no longer remember what exactly, I came across caffeine in capsules on the internet. I bought these (link is from an e-commerce like Amazon popular here in Argentina and rest of Latin America). They come in doses of 200mg. By comparison, an espresso has approximately 60mg of caffeine. A cup of filter coffee, depending on whether or not it is diluted with milk, from 70 to 140.

My idea is not to drink regularly either now or in the future since it is known you acquire a tolerance to it and I would like to avoid that (plus I already consume caffeine in the form of mate, coffee and/or tea almost daily). Though I found it interesting to try it for moments where I need periods of great concentration, such as studying before an exam.

Dose: 100mg (half capsule)


30 minutes: little to no rumination, mental noise or chatter. Less fidgeting.

55m: I started to feel more alert but not necessarily more focused. Although little by little I felt an increase. A couple of times it occurred to me to check networks and I could easily tell myself that β€œI would see them later.”

1 hour 30m: I feel less impact on concentration when changing the context briefly (β€œcontext switching”); zero anxiety or nervousness

3 hours: I no longer perceived any discernible effects

Comparing the effect to those of the cup of coffee I drink daily or drinking some mate, it was much more noticeable. Even taking into account that it was half a capsule. A placebo or my predisposition to notice an effect by being aware of the time since I took it may have influenced more than the physiological effect itself but hey, it served its purposes. I spent 2 hours studying without seeing any network, forum, YouTube or any of the things that usually distract me. I will use them again in the future for specific times.