about me

Hello! I’m Luz, a 30 years old human from Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America.

This website

It started with professional purposes but around September 2023 I started to expand it and has now become my little corner on the internet where I publish pictures, thoughts, rants, projects, what I’m reading, what I like, etc. And more in the future, probably. I like to think of it more as a digital garden instead of a static website where I just publish posts and nothing else. Even this section will be updated many more times in the future, until I get bored for a while and then come back at it again. My interests change, as do the interests of many people.


Although I’ve enjoyed writing since I was a teenager, it has always been in a private journal. In physical notebooks, notes on my cellphone, a WhatsApp conversation with myself, Google Docs, etc. Lately, I became motivated enough from reading some articles out there among other personal things to write and publish more. It helps me. In many ways. Such as understanding better the things I write about, reflecting, gathering my thoughts, improving my english writing skills, etc. And I hope in the future some people will enjoy reading what I write as well.

Sometimes I write posts in my native language (spanish) first and then translate them (with DeepL or Google Translate and manual adjustments afterwards, not going to lie here). Some other times I write english first. Just a disclaimer in case that you find any β€œweird” sounding sentence that it may be because it was probably written spanish first.

What I do

I studied Biology in Buenos Aires University (UBA) from 2011 to 2019, when I graduated. Then did a career switch to web developing in 2019, which is my current full-time job. I started studying software engineering in August 2023.


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