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Updated on April 2 2024, from my apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

working in

Deployed the first version of the cooking web app in Svelte and .NET here. I still have to fill it with real recipes and yes, it is in spanish since my idea is to target a latin-american/spanish audience mainly. Maaaybe I will add i18n in the future, but would like to add many other things before. Also, there are tons of english good recipes websites out there such as Budget Bytes already.


Just finished Rebecca, a gothic mystery novel by Daphne du Maurier. Really pays off with some nice plot twists. Came across it looking for gothic gente books and it was a enticing read. I’ve enjoyed Lovecraft and Poe when I was a teen but didn’t even consider many of their tales fell under the gothic genre as well. I’ve been increasingly engaging in gothic content of all types such as movies as well (and becoming obsessed with candles in my apartment πŸ˜…).


Started the last chapter of The Food Lab which is about batter, breading and frying. Made fried chicken for the first time which is quite an accomplishment for me considering how afraid I always was of hot oil.

I also started reading Rose’s Baking Basics while trying out the first cookies’ recipes of it. Always had a sweet tooth and is great to add another screen-free hobbie.


I’m travelling abroad for the first time in my life next April 30. I’m very nervous but excited at the same time about it. 21 days and 6 cities/countries (Bern, Ghent, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prage and Madrid), can’t wait to go.